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Testimonials of Turkish Delight Tour

Here you can find the evaluation of our customers answering our specific questions. You can click on the questions shown as below to see the satisfaction and the view of our distinguished guests.

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

* Could our office have better oriented and prepared you for your tour?

* Do you have any more comments about your tour?

* What is the most spectecular moment for you?

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

Hasan knew all of us well and our needs.he also allowed us to meet very special people who he knew and thus gave us a special view of a country we know evry little about

John in Seattle, WA, 2014

Hasan's leadership was outstanding. He was firm about schedule which we all appreciated, but handles every minor crisis with great skill

Melinda in Surrey, BC, 2014

Hasan is one of the most compassionate, thoughtful and passionate person I have met in my life. He made the trip surpass all expectations and helped our group bond into a very special combination of people who truly enjoyed the country and each other in every setting

Joe in Franklin, WI, 2014

Our guide was the best. He made the trip wonderful. I hope my next trip can meet theses expectations.

Helen in Corona, CA, 2014

Hasan could not have been better. His knowledge made the sights come to life. His personality was infectious. He kept everyone involved. Made us laugh and taught me how wonderful this country and its people are. I would travel with him over and over.

Jose in Portland, OR, 2014

Hasan is simply the best. His knowledge and willingness to share it as well as his good humor and willingness to laugh at himself made this trip so memorable for me. Hasan is simply outstanding.

Alphonso in Westport, CT, 2014

Hasan knows how to encourage people to try new things. When he said, "You will see what I mean, you will love it," he was always right.

Kenneth in Odessa, FL, 2014

Doubt I will ever have a more knowledgeable guide with better communication skills.

Greta Nullmann,2014

Terrific guy, was a great tour leader. Really knew and loved his Country,answered all our questions, and got along well with all the people in the group.

Maximilian Nullmann,2014

Hasan did an outstanding job explaining what we were seeing. He kept in contact with other guides who he knew to find out what the current conditions were at the next site so we didn't waste our time in lines if it wasn't necessary. Hasan kept the tour running smoothly and interesting at all times.

Fred in South Lake Tahoe, CA, 2014

My only compaint was the amount of directions at drop off points, as to finding the bus again----confusing for me

Joe in Coupeville, WA, 2014

Hasan's command of the English language was excellent and he was extremely knowledgeable in all areas of Turkish history both past and present. I would have liked it if he had spent some time each day teaching us and having us practice some useful Turkish words and phrases.

Tracy in Santa Rosa, CA, 2014

Tell us about your guide's leadership skills
I think that Hasan faced a very difficult task bridging the cultural barriers. Informal mixing with the tour members could really help with this. He improved as the tour progressed, but because of language and cultural issues, this is a area for improvement.

Douglas in Anacortes, WA, 2014

Hasan was like a stern father and ran the tour like one. He yelled at someone who asked a question the first night and set a tone of inaccessibility. He did not eat or chat with the group. However, he provided a feeling of safety and took care of our needs and kept us on track.

Yvette in Anacortes, WA, 2014

I was quite impressed with the knowledge Hasan had. His leadership skills were outstanding as we were always right on schedule and he made it very clear how long we had on our own and where we would be meeting.

Carlos in Mesa, AZ, 2014

Both the guides were friendly, informative, and enthusiastic and had all leadership qualities.

Usha in Arlington, TX

He was good.

Sue in Fresno, CA, 2014

Hasan was very well organized and planned everything to the smallest detail. His knowledge and history of the sites were absolutely fantastic. How can anybody have so many facts at his fingertips. The orientation of the cultural norms were very helpful. He was always accessible for questions and gave answers very thoroughly.

Melinda in Arlington, TX, 2014

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

Very good. They took good care of our luggage and very pleasant to be around.

Jordan in Dhahran, 2014


Raymond Newark,2014

Our drivers were very good. The bus was comfortable and always well maintained.

Suzanne in La Verne, CA, 2014

He was good.

Sam in Fresno, CA, 2014

Mehmed is a very special person never let him stop being your exclusive drive

Steve in Seattle, WA, 2014

always had the bus ready to roll and was a personality in his own right

Suzie Ellen in Franklin, WI, 2014

Memed was an excellent driver, very skilled and safety conscious.

Harold in Surrey, BC, 2014

Loved the driver

Brenda in Corona, CA, 2014

Our driver was perfect.

Betsy in Lake Stevens, WA, 2014

The driver, Mehmet, was courteous and drove safely. Never did I feel that he would take any chances.

Loraine in Freeland, WA, 2014

Mehmet was very careful. He never speeded. He kept his full attention on the driving. I regularly thanked him for that. He also became a presence on the tour: occasional comments, teaching backgammon, and just a good man. Top quality.

Arthur in Temple Terrace, FL, 2014

Maybe the best driver I've experienced. Not like one tour with another company where we had to tell the driver to slow down.

Harold Bilunard,2014

TERRIFIC driver and very friendly.

Cheryl Mercurie,2014

Mehmet was our driver. I felt safe with him at the wheel.

Thomson in Temple Terrace, FL, 2014


Margareth in Coupeville, WA, 2014

very good

Ann in San Francisco, CA, 2014

very good

Jackie in San Francisco, CA, 2014

He was always on time, was very efficient and kept the bus in immaculate condition both inside and out.

Suzan in Santa Rosa, CA, 2014

He was a safe driver and kept the bus in excellent condition, washing it at practically every stop. He was also very punctual.

Margareth in Santa Rosa, CA, 2014

* Could our office have better oriented and prepared you for your tour?

We were more than adequately prepared.

Peter in San Anselmo, CA, 2014

You did a good job at answering our questions before we left.


No, I had a good idea of what to expect. They also gave us a lot of great ideas of places to see and restaurants in Istanbul where we had extra time before and after the tour. I went to the Archeological Museum in Istanbul on their recommendation and was completey floored by it! What a great museum!

Hillary in Port Orchard, WA, 2014

Again, I can't imagine how you could have prepared more. As it was it left room for spontenaity which just adds to the whole experience.

Barbara in Port Orchard, WA, 2014

prep was good and we read a good deal.

Rickie in Oregon City, OR, 2014

no problem


Good job


Your office staff was very helpful to me pre-tour. We had to change our dates a couple of times and they were unfailingly pleasant and helpful. When I called or emailed I got immediate replies. You have an excellent staff!

Barbara in Beaverton, OR, 2014

You all done well.

Jelal in Gaithersburg, MD, 2014

The roughest part was making the arrangements for our extension to Athens and back to Istanbul. Eventually we worked it out but if we had had more information before the trip we would not have had to contend with so much anxiety during the tour. We did have a lovely 2 nights on Athens before flying home from Istanbul.

Helen in Tinton Falls, NJ, 2014

Perhaps a little better description of areas in Istanbul away from Old Town. We would have probably spent more time in areas where "real" people live before joining the tour.

Abraham in Selah, WA, 2014

Nope -- all was good!

Debrah in Centennial, CO, 2014

Your office was very helpful in helping us plan for our tour and for the extra days we spent in Turkey.

Don in Edmonds, WA, 2014

I should have done more reading describing the sites we were to visit.

Richard in Vancouver, WA, 2014

My e-mailed questions to the office were answered promptly and fully. The trip recommendation not to buy souvenirs, carpets, etc., early in the tour (because we would become much better educated about Turkish crafts as we traveled, and wouldn't have to haul so much stuff for so long)was right on. Unfortunately, the minute we hit Istanbul it went out of our heads. We made some purchases we might not have made after a little more time in Turkey, and were consequently unable to make some purchases later in the trip that we would have preferred. If only you could print that part in flashing neon! Hopefully, if anyone reads this evaluation on the web page they will make a stronger mental note than we did. We arrived in Istanbul 2 days early hoping to ease our jetlag prior to the tour. If there were any similar suggestions for an easy-access place to stay or a low-keyed day trip outside of Istanbul for before the tour on any of the websites, I didn't notice it. It would be a nice addition to the information presented.

Susan in Selah, WA, 2014

You could have told us to practice brushing our teeth with bottled water!


No, you guys are great.


Since this was our 2nd trip with your company, we know the ropes. Any questions we had were answered well.

David in Elmhurst, IL, 2014

Your office did a great job.

Clive in Sebastopol, CA, 2014

* Do you have any more comments about your tour?

My favorite thing about this tour, other than the tour guides, was the variety of activities. You never got tired of any one thing, and as a result we saw many facets of Turkey. It was a very well-planned and well-executed trip, exciting but not tiring, with lots of opportunities to learn and explore. As a side note, this was mine and my husband's honeymoon. It was a really great experience and we're both so happy we chose this trip for our honeymoon; it exceeded our high expectations!

Julia in Philadelphia, PA, 2014

This tour exceeded my expectations. We usually travel on our own, but felt that we needed a tour to introduce us to Turkey.

Sam in Las Cruces, NM, 2014

As always I have a better appreciation for other cultures and their beliefs.

Arthur in Federal Way, WA, 2014

Only that I would tell anyone who wants to go on this trip to expect and extraordinarily excellent experience.

John in Mercer Island, WA, 2014

I would encourage everyone to visit the optional museums along this trip. They were amazing and I felt those that did not attend missed great learning experiences.

Harry Steenback,2014

It was a wonderful mix of education, exercise, country and city. The swim was a wonderful experience, local villages and people, hot air ballon, local dancing . Shave and a haircut in a local barbershop. What more can you expect from a two week trip. Great job and experience. Highly recommend this tour. An American in a Moslem country, and I never felt as safe or welcomed in many other countries as I did in Turkey.

Eleanora in Hilton Head Island, SC, 2014

On the whole, it was a WONDERFUL tour... I had a truly great time. Selcuk, the guide, was awesome. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.

Harry in Oakland, CA, 2014

* What is the most spectecular moment for you?

Cappadocia and Ephesus

Justtin Bronx,2014

Seeing the blue mosque for the first time and hearing the call to prayer; the sights, sounds and smells in the markets; and especially the visits with the local people.

Melanie in The Woodlands, TX, 2014

A sense of time - how old Turkey is, but yet how young the nation is. The peoples pride in their country. The history.

Bill in Kalispell, MT, 2014

Having lunch in a small village with a woman that invited us into her home. It was wonderful to experience hospitality like this. All the people of Turkey were delightful.

Peter in Pacific Grove, CA, 2014

It's really difficult to say. I don't know if I had any one favorite moment or magic memory. I loved Istanbul and hated to leave it. Fortunately, the trip just kept getting better and better.

Sheila in Pacific Grove, CA, 2014

Turkey has great scenery, ruins, history, art, culture, and architecture.

Isabella in Decatur, GA, 2014

The hospitality and friendliness of the Turkish people made the trip very special. I was often invited during a morning walk for a cup of coffee. Families and students readily gave permission to take a photo. I am making a special point to share those photos with friends as part of my vacation album .

Joshua in Davenport, IL, 2014

Walking up to a view of the Mediterranean in Antalya that first evening - the light was spectacular at that moment to silhouette the landscape

Patricia in Portland, OR, 2014

The whole trip was spectecular but here are a few of my favorites: Spice Market, cruise up the Bosphorus Strait, visiting, Mediterranean boat cruise, Ephesus.

Emma in Groves, TX, 2014



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