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Private guided tours

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 : ISTANBUL - Private Tour(B)

On the first day of your visit, you'll simply be welcomed to Istanbul. After completing the necessary immigration and custom processes required of you, the guide will meet you at the airport and will help you get to your hotel. You can consider this your first experience of Istanbul, the real contact with the city.

Day 2 : ISTANBUL - Private Tour(B)

The second day of your visit starts with a morning visit to the beautiful Topkapi Palace which features kitchens where there is the exhibition of porcelain. You'll see the world's second largest porcelain collection in these kitchens. We'll move from the kitchens of Topkapi Palace to the Council Hall. From the Council Hall, we'll visit the Treasury and the Pavilions. The morning visit will be capped with a visit the historic Hagia Sophia, the largest Church that existed under the Roman Emperor. This Church was built by Justinien, and is one of the most-see historic monuments in Istanbul.

After lunch, the tour will continue, but time it will be a visit to the beautiful Blue Mosque, elegant in its six minarets and blue tiles. What will follow the visit to the Mosque will be what can be considered a visit in time; a five-minutes distance from the Mosque, we'll be walking amidst a wide display of historic arts depicting the 5th Century A.D. with horse chariots, and gladiator fights punctuating the pictures. You'll see the vivid representation of the Egyptian Obelisk, the Constantine Column within the hippodrome, and the Serpentine Column. The day will be crowned with a visit to the Turkish Islamic Art Museum which features pieces of Otoman art.

Day 3 : ISTANBUL / CAPPADOCIA - Private Tour (B)

The tour will begin after breakfast on the third day. On this day, you'll be checking out of your hotel, and moving to the airport to get a flight to Kayseri. This flight will take you to Cappadocia, which reserves wonderful surprises for you. Situated on a slighted elevated plateau, the Cappadocia offers sweeping and panoramic views of the deep valleys and the ravines, the surrounding neighborhoods, the vineyards and the pigeon raising business within the immediate vicinity. The descent to Cappadocia will be a great opportunity to capture the wonderful view of the cityscape.

We'll walk through the village after visiting the Castle. You'll have a feel of the volcanic homes that take you into another world that is unique altogether. The visit to the Goreme Open Air Museum will take place after lunch. The museum is home to great historic artifacts, including the gorgeous frescoes dating back to a period between the 4 century AD and the 13 century AD. What will follow the visit to the Museum will be another beautiful experience, the visit to the Pigeon Valley where you'll enjoy the scenic views of the different scenes that make the village unique. You'll have the opportunity to have the feel of the village life in Cappadocia, with a visit to a traditional rug workshop, and other craft shops.

Day 4 : CAPPADOCIA - Private Tour (B)

Day four will be another new experience, opening your eyes to yet another beautiful feature of Istanbul: a visit to the underground city of Kaymakli aptly located on the southern part of the area. After an hour's drive, you'll be greeted with a great spectacle in Ihlara. The different flowers budding and blooming along the branch of one of the longest rivers in the country, the chirp of different birds and frescoed churches will offer you great delight. Depending on what you would want to do, we'll also have the opportunity to hike for two hours, visiting some of the frescoed churches that are scattered within the valley area.

Lunch will take place at the mid-valley, adjacent to the Melendiz River, and from there, we'll continue to Avanos, a Pottery Village. Here we'll visit a pottery workshop that features pieces of pottery art accomplished by renowned Turkish Pottery artist. The journey back to the hotel offers us the opportunity to visit the volcanic structures and features in Devrent Valley. These structures are designed for use as either refectories, places of worship, or dormitories during the Christian era. We'll explore the vineyards in this volcanic region.

Day 5 : CAPPADOCIA Private Tour (B)

Note: You are kindly advised to wear your sport shoes for the hiking in Soganli Valley.

On this day, you'll need to wear the right shoes for hiking. It'll be a great adventure in Soganli Valley.

The Tour will begin after breakfast on the fifth day, with a visit to the Zelve Open Air Museum, which is home to the ancient mill, hidden tunnels, a monastery, and old churches. In Avanos, we'll watch the demonstration of pottery, molded from white or red clay, a really spectacular sight, especially for those who are seeing pottery work being done for the first time. The clay that is used for pottery in Avanos comes from the Red River, which is the longest River in the country. We'll see this river on our drive to Avanos. We'll proceed to Soganli valley, a unique place with the quaint appearance of an oddly neglected area. It is notable for the quaintness, the natural reserve, and the sense of the mysterious that it inspires in visitors. The community in Soganli will have a lot to offer, including churches, a simple village life, and artistic items such as handmade dolls and many others. This could also be a place for you to cull some souvenirs of the hidden simplicity of the life in Istanbul.

Day 6 : CAPPADOCIA / KUSADASI - Private Tour (B,D)

On the morning of the sixth day, we'll leave our hotel after breakfast and get a flight from Kayseri Airport to Izmir. Upon our arrival, we'll drive all the way to Kusadasi, having lunch en route. In Kusadasi, marvelous spectacles will greet your eyes. First, we'll visit the Church of St. John, which also hosts the tomb of St. John. This church is perched majestically on a knoll that overlooks the Isa Bey Mosque and the Artemis temple. Looking further, you'll have glimpses of the Aegean Sea. The ottoman architecture is one of the elements you'll enjoy when we visit the Isa Bey Mosque. The house of the Virgin Mary will be our next stop in the tour. Legend holds that the Mother of Jesus spent the last days of her life here. This hamlet is a place that has so many historic and religious themes, with a beauty that is both ancient and new. Christians will find their visit to this city very significance. We'll spend the night at the hotel and regain our strength for the seventh day of the tour.

Day 7 : KUSADASI / ALACATI - Private Tour (B)

After breakfast, we'll begin our tour with a visit to the Ancient City of Ephesus featuring numerous historic elements, monuments, and libraries. Some of the unique places to visit will include the Agora, the library of Celcus, the Hadrian's Gate, the Trojan Fountain, and the Domitianus Temple. The terraces of Ephesus will delight your eyes with Roman architecture. Here, you'll be led by a private guide who'll open your eyes to the wonders of history, especially the architectural strength of the Romans. It'll be a journey in history, and you won't want to miss any bit of it.

In the afternoon after lunch, we'll stroll around Sirince, a village that features numerous wooden houses, a lot of green empty spaces, and exceptional architecture. You'll have the opportunity to taste the local wine, meet the villagers, and have a feel of contemporary people inhabiting an area that has marked history in significant ways. From this village, we'll head towards Alacati where we'll stay in a boutique hotel. This hotel used to be a Greek mansion, and it will be reminiscent of the ancient Greek culture and history. We'll spend the night in this hotel and prepare for the next day of our tour.

Day 8 : ALACATI - (B)

This is your day, you can relax the way you want. You'll do whatever you want with your time. You'll find a lot in the town of Alacati, a charming town situated in the peninsula of the spectacular coast of the Aegean Sea. It lies beneath rows of stone windmills, neighborhoods with cobbled streets lined with houses made of stone. You'll find shops, trendy boutiques, and taverns. Guesthouses are dotted everywhere within the immediate vicinity. Kite boarders take a lot of delight in this town; it is a venue for international windsurfing competitions and it welcomes numerous tourists from around the world. You'll find beautiful beaches on the Cesme peninsula with a lot of recreational facilities. You'll have a lot to see and do in this town, on your own. This is the city that will offer you all the conveniences and delights that most Europeans will want to see, including restaurants, shopping opportunities, and tourist shops.

Day 9 : ALACATI / ISTANBUL - Private Tour (B)

After breakfast on the eight day, you'll move out of your hotel and board the plane for Istanbul. In Istanbul, we'll sail a local boat on the Marmara Watersea at the Golden Horn. This will be a unique opportunity for you to watch the city slipping by, taking views of the wooden houses popularly known as the "yal". After sailing on the Bosphorus River, we will have our lunch at the Sariyer restaurants, conveniently located near the Black Sea. We'll meet with our Asian guide to embark on the climb to the highest peak, the Camlca Hill. We'll visit the Grand Bazaar after lunch. The Grand Bazaar features more than 3000 shops, including jewelry shops, gift shops, leather, and spice. You may want to get some souvenirs, and discover the diversity of the Turkish culture by walking around the shops and seeing articles made by locals.

Day 10 : ISTANBUL / HOME - Private Service (B)

On the tenth day of your tour, you'll meet with your guide and will visit Saint Savior - Chora Church. The church is a monument featuring an intricacy of golden mosaics. These mosaics are biblically inspired. They depict the lives of Jesus and Mary in a most notable way. From the Saint Savior - Chora Church, we'll head for the Eyup Mosque to see the religious life practiced by Muslims in this community. You'll have the opportunity to observe the ritual visits to the tomb of the beneficed friend of Muhammad, the Prophet. After visiting the Eyup Mosque, we'll climb visit Golden Horn to have great views of the city from the Pierre Loti Café.

We'll bring you to the Istanbul International Airport to conclude our services.

End of our services…

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