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Testimonials of Express Turkey Tour

Here you can find the evaluation of our customers answering our specific questions. You can click on the questions shown as below to see the satisfaction and the view of our distinguished guests.

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

* Could our office have better oriented and prepared you for your tour?

* Do you have any more comments about your tour?

* What is the most spectecular moment for you?

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

I think Ayse is an excellent guide. She added extra things that were of interest too. I would not have left anything out, just add a little down time too. Ayse seemed always cheerful and she knows so much and shares it gladly. She is very good with people.

Angeline in Mead, WA, 2014

Ayse is the most inspiring women I've ever met! Charming, brilliant, positive, well-organized. Will make a great Turkish Minister of Tourism or diplomat someday!

Jessie in Olympia, WA, 2014

Ayse was amazing! Her knowledge of the culture, history, and people where unbelievable! She gave a lot of great personal insights that made the experience even more memorable.

Anna in Dundee, OR, 2014

Ayse was always open to comments and had a good sense of humor. After the trip, it was like a death, we missed her. She answered all our questions and then she was gone and we still had questions with nobody to ask. Her leadership was exceptional!

Sid in Duluth, MN, 2014

Ayse was amazing! Her ability to manage details and take care of us at the same time was very impressive.

Maria in Chevy Chase, MD, 2014

Ayse did an excellent job. She allowed us flexibility while keeping everyone on schedule w/o making anyone feel bad. Overall I thought she was great.

Randy in La Verne, CA, 2014

Hasan was very professional on his leadership abilities.

Thomas in Bellingham, WA, 2014

Our leader, Hasan, knew his stuff and kept the tour running smoothly, but did not always seem to be enjoying leading the tour.

Douglas in Anacortes, WA, 2014

Hasan is a born leader. I would have followed him anywhere and "loved it." His love of Turkey was contagious and his knowledge incredible.Hasan displayed a great sense of humor and command of the English language. He is the absolute best tour guide!

Riley Welan,2014

demonstrated a great balance between his explantions and giving us free time..very open to answering any and all questions

Tom in Franklin, WI, 2014

Hasan knew all of us well and our needs.he also allowed us to meet very special people who he knew and thus gave us a special view of a country we know evry little about

John in Seattle, WA, 2014

Hasan's leadership was outstanding. He was firm about schedule which we all appreciated, but handles every minor crisis with great skill

Melinda in Surrey, BC, 2014

Hasan is one of the most compassionate, thoughtful and passionate person I have met in my life. He made the trip surpass all expectations and helped our group bond into a very special combination of people who truly enjoyed the country and each other in every setting

Joe in Franklin, WI, 2014

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

Mehmat did a great job! Felt very safe and was nice to know our 'stuff' that we left on the bus was secure.

Joe in Phoenix, AZ, 2014

Ali did a great job. We all felt safe and he travelled the roads at speeds commensurate with the conditions. Some roads were a little less than flat.

Ronald in Smithfield, VA, 2014

We all felt safe with Ali at the wheel. He demonstrated his skill as a driver, but also his kindness and caring. He was always at the back door to make sure we got down the stairs and off the bus safely.

Rudolph in Royal Oaks, CA, 2014

Ali was an excellent driver. We always felt comfortable with him. He was always at the door helping us on or off and quick at loading and unloading our bags. He's a very gracious man. Thanks, Ali

Aaron in Aloha, OR, 2014

We could not have asked for a better driver than Ali. He was competent and managed to endear himself to all.

Bob in Puyallup, WA, 2014

Superb. Never felt the least bid unsafe with Ali. Extremely polite and helpful, lending a hand to anyone needing assistance getting on or off the bus (those with short legs)

James in Franklin, VA, 2014

Ali always smiled and helped us the best he could.

Suzie in Franklin, VA, 2014

Excellent professional driver

James in Puyallup, WA, 2014

Our driver was excellent and very pleasent.

Mary in Port Ludlow, WA, 2014

wonderful and approachable

Orville Sezanbourg,2014

Ali piloted the bus with calm experience through some hair pin turns and narrow roads. I never felt uncomfortable or concerned for my safety with him navigating through Turkey.

Sam Bourman,2014

Safe, skilled, polite, flexible. Very good.

Jonathanin Avon, MN, 2014

Ali was an excellent driver.

Dan in Tigard, OR, 2014

Ali was the best. We always felt safe and he was just a spectacular personality

John in Tigard, OR, 2014

Our driver was a wonderful driver, very courteous and helpful.

Jacob Kruger,2014

Our drivers were very skilled, most pleasant and helpful. No complaints.

Annick in Mead, WA2014


Linda in Olympia, WA, 2014

Good dirvers...especially on those tricky turns.

Michael in Dundee, OR, 2014

We sat in the back of the bus and didn't interact with the drivers. They got us there safely and without incident.

Isabel in Duluth, MN, 2014

The drivers had limited English proficiency and understandably did not fraternize with the tour members. They seem pleasant and competent. Their ability to navigate a large bus through narrow and crooked streets was amazing. On several occasions they received applause. They never got lost.

Amanda in Duluth, MN, 2014

* Could our office have better oriented and prepared you for your tour?

I think you did a great job. No complaints.

Peggy in Rockville, MD, 2014

I am not sure how.

Susie in Silver Spring, MD, 2014

No, everything was wonderful.

Judith in Medford, OR, 2014

No--as usual, you did a great job.

Carol in Arlington, VA, 2014

All seemed to work for me.

Barbara in Phoenix, AZ, 2014

I always like to know as much as possible so if there had been more information I would have liked it, but at this point I can't say what would have made a big difference. I loved the whole experience and I doubt that knowing more ahead of time would have made the trip any better!

Pat in Goldendale, WA , 2014

We got to the city early, and visited sites not listed on the tour. This gave us an orientation to the city. We read in a travel log about 2 days not being enough time to see the city properly.

Jerry in Minnetonka, MN, 2014

Couldn't have been better.

Michael in Honolulu, HI, 2014

Perfectly satisfied with all arrangements.

Christ in Honolulu, HI, 2014

As an American woman, I was brought up to be polite to people when they speak to me. As a visitor to other countries, I like knowing what the social norms are. So knowing whether it is socially acceptable in Turkey to ignore the queries of shopkeepers or stop and politely refuse each one would be helpful information.

James in Bandon, OR, 2014

We read the qudebook on Turkey, I felt we were pretty well prepared.

Michael in Omaha, NE, 2014

Nope. Perfect.

Barb in Glenview, IL, 2014

Your office was great with its pre-trip communication and responsiveness to my queries. I was quite impressed with your service and have been recommending All Right Travel & Luxury Toursto my friends and families.

Ann in Seattle, WA, 2014

No. It was perfect.

Amy in Seattle, WA, 2014

Nope, just fine.

Doug in Ketchikan, AK, 2014

I was satisfied.

Nancy in Springfield, IL, 2014

The office was very helpful to us, as we had some last minute concerns about our safety. I was able to talk directly to someone who answered all of my questions and then made efforts to find an alternative trip for us, should we change our mind.The website was most informative .

Sue in Marysville, WA
Turkey in 13 Days, Oct 2, 2014

No, it was certainly done correctly. I wish I had taken a bit more Turkish language (my concern, not yours).


I felt well prepared and my pre-trip questions were answered quickly and thoroughly.

Barbara in Denver, CO, 2014

I thought you did a very good job.

Claire in Seattle, WA, 2014

* Do you have any more comments about your tour?

I am glad that I chose this way to tour Turkey. I could not have done it on my own.

Yvess in Seattle, WA, 2014

We enjoyed our trip immensely, and look forward to going back.

Kenneth in Brisbane, CA, 2014

I keep urging everyone I know to visit Turkey because I know they will love the trip and have great experiences. The variety and range of the places visited on this tour are remarkable and eye-opening. Selcuk's droll comments on the current political doings were priceless and always got the morning off to a lively start.

Christ in Rockport, WA, 2014

In the words of some baseball fans it was a totally out of the park; a grand slammie.

Tina in Federal Way, WA, 2014

One of the most wonderful trips in my life.

Sophie in Sandy, OR, 2014

The trip was an amazing life experience. To visit places I'd heard about all my life, located in places like“central Anatolia,” which always sounded impossibly far away and called forth visions of long-haired goats and exotically-costumed individuals, was wonderful. Not a strong enough word–I haven't come near to processing it all yet. We certainly got to see many things we wouldn't have on our own. At any rate, hello to all the wonderful people we met, and I will certainly treasure the memory of this trip.

Mryam in Las Cruces, NM, 2014

Ayse has such a vast knowledge of her country which she shared with us throughout the trip. Through this journey we gained a much greater appreciation of Turkey, the people, their religion and history. It was a real bonus to have gained so many new friends.

Jonathan in Hilton Head Island, SC, 2014

Thank you!

Carol in Seattle, WA, 2014

* What is the most spectecular moment for you?

every day it just got better

Katherine in Redmond, OR, 2014

The time we spent in Cappadocia. The opportunity to experience the Turkish culture by spending time with the local people was so special.

John in RR1 Lone Butte, BC, 2014

Cappadocia - panoramic views from hot air balloon of the river valley, farming, dwellings in the hillside, rock formations, towns; plus a great operator to describe it all.

Mike Dulger,2014

Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia was truly a magical experience. I had never done it before. It was the perfect terrain to hover over.

Jim in Santa Clara, CA, 2014


Diane in Henderson, NV, 2014

Taking a cruise around the Bosphorus in Istambul and seeing the division between the European side and Asia .

Ella in La Habra, CA, 2014

Having mosques pop up in the viewing screen was a trip for me because they looked like something out of Star Wars.

William in La Habra, CA, 2014

The Ephesus ruins were my favorite part of the tour. We arrived very early before all of the cruise ship tours and the heat. We were able to see most of the site without the big crowds getting in the way. We have found this to be one of the C.A. tour strengths as they often get to the sites before the crowds.

George in Redmond, WA, 2014


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