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Testimonials of Combined Istanbul & Cappadocia (8 Days) Tour

Here you can find the evaluation of our customers answering our specific questions. You can click on the questions shown as below to see the satisfaction and the view of our distinguished guests.

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

* Could our office have better oriented and prepared you for your tour?

* Do you have any more comments about your tour?

* What is the most spectecular moment for you?

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

Selcuk is a Turkish national treasure. He did a great job of exposing us to the "real" Turkey, its people and its culture.

Michael in Sacramento, CA, 2014

He was great at keeping the group together and being a dictator when necessary. He did it all with grace and humor. No improvement necessary.

Brynna in Sebastopol, CA, 2014

Fantastic! I always knew exactly when and where to meet up with the group, and Selcuk was very knowledgable about all of the places we went. He made every stop interesting and memorable.

John in Daly City, CA, 2014

In my opinion, our guide, was so well spoken, so funny and knowledgeable about the entire history of all the places we visited. He was undeniably one of the main reasons why this tour was just so amazing. He showed us the true flavor of Turkey and shared with us his love of his country. I will always remember Turkey with fondness.

Ethel in Sacramento, CA, 2014

Selcuk is the perfect tour guide and an excellent host and ambassador for his country. I can't imagine anyone doing the job better, which does make me nervous about taking a tour with another leader. He just could not be better.

Mark in Oakland, CA, 2014

Frankly, Selcuk couldn't have been beaten. In addition to a great tour group, he made the trip!

Paul in Kingston, WA, 2014

I found Selcuk to be outstanding on all counts and would change nothing. From comments on the trip, I believe he was well- liked and respected by all.

Jordan Constantino,2014

Selcuk was the best. In fact, he has made other tours look bad.

Bernard in San Bernardino, CA, 2014

Very organized - we were always informed re times of departure, etc. and he kept to the time table. And I really appreciated that. Fun guide!

Douglas in Seattle, WA, 2014

Selcuk told us multiple times where we would meet, what we would do, where it would be, and how much time we would have so no one should be confused.

Bernie in Ormond Beach, FL,2014

He was a wonderful and fun-loving individual who made the trip so much more informative and valuable. He is a truly good people-person and a very caring individual.

Lynn in Ormond Beach, FL, 2014

He is creative and personable. Best possible guide for Turkey.

John in San Bernardino, CA, 2014

He has such as easy going manner that everyone was drawn to him. There was no difficulty with him keeping control of the group.

Martha in San Jose, CA, 2014

His leadership skills were professional and approachable.

Bricko in Carmichael, CA, 2014

Selcuk is an excellent guide. He had knowledge and maturity well beyond his years. He also shared with us the love of his country.

Lily Trunord,2014

As I said above, he was incredible in every sense of the word.

Mary in Evansville, IN, 2014

Ayse was excellent. That says it all.

James in Tacoma, WA, 2014

Vivacious, friendly and eager to teach about her country.

Amelie in Mount Vernon, WA, 2014

Ayse did an outstanding job. She clearly loved her country and was the perfect person to share the wealth of history and culture we found in Turkey.

Jack in Houston, TX, 2014

Sometimes it was not clear about what was happening next, and sometimes there was too much detail. It is a matter of clearly stating the most important points and avoiding too much detail.

Donald in Scottsdale, AZ, 2014

Ayse did an exemplary job! I would seek her out as a tour guide on any future trip, if given the option. She is a top of the line tour leader in every respect. She is friendly, wise and extremely knowledgeable. She knows Turkey inside and out and was able to provide such intersting background on both the history and the contemporary happenings in the country. She was an excellent leader and was able to combine the ability to take charge and provide leadership while remaining gracious and welcoming. She was also attentive to people's needs. She is very good with people.

Dino in Lake Forest Park, WA, 2014

Ayse was knowledgeable, caring, carismatic,full of life, enthusiastic, and a great representative of her country. Simply the best

Demetria in Lake Forest Park, WA, 2014

Ayse did a wonderful job! It's difficult to imagine a better conveying of her country's history and culture. Her love for and pride in her country was evident and contagious. We really enjoyed her company as well as her leadership on the tour!

Bob in Mount Vernon, WA, 2014

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

Our driver, Can, was a kind and considerate gentleman, and an excellent driver.

Glen in Morro Bay, CA, 2014

What a fine representative of his country, a real gentleman, and excellent driver. I would ride in his bus anywhere.

Ella in Morro Bay, CA, 2014

Our driver was incredible. Very competent and he had a wonderful smile!

Henry in Poulsbo, WA, 2014

Memed was superb.

Barbara in Phoenix, AZ, 2014

City driving, country driving, tight-spot driving...all were handled with experience, professionalism, and charm.

Norma in Phoenix, AZ, 2014

He was a great driver - we were very impressed with his skills!

Jean Steward, 2014

Memed was an excellent driver and a worthy backgammon opponent for members of the tour.

Louis in San Diego, CA, 2014

Driver was great, I was impressed how well he could handle the bus in small places.

Maria in Minnetonka, MN, 2014

Very capable and friendly to be around

Jonathan in El Cajon, CA2014

Memed is the best driver in Turkey!!!! Everyone was completely at ease - we knew we were in good hands.

Mark Kirmen, 2014

Our driver was very good. We were all impressed with his ease in geting through cities. Skillful handling. He also has a good nature and puts up with the crazy Americans.

Donald in Honolulu, HI, 2014

Memed was amazing. Driving in Turkey must be one of the nightmares of the world. He maneuvered that bus very well. He is shy, but we insisted that he do some socializing with us. Very nice guy and a super driver.

Matha in Honolulu, HI, 2014

Generally happy and courteous, but on occasion ill-tempered. Got the job done, but did not obey traffic signs and stop lights putting us in undue danger.

Samuel Triman, 2014

Our driver was certainly determined to get us to where ever we were going... fast : )

George in St John's, NF, 2014

Our driver was a pro. Not once did I feel unsafe with him behind the wheel.

Bruce in Bandon, OR, 2014

Competent and quiet.

John Carmen, 2014

Not much of a personality, but he was a good driver.

Maurice Balliman, 2014

He could navigate that enormous bus seemingly anywhere. Good thing he's native.

Frederich Kolfmann, 2014

Was quite taciturn but this didn't diminish his effectiveness as a driver. I still marvel at the way he got us through the traffic and narrow streets of many areas.

Jack Aznavour, 2014

* Could our office have better oriented and prepared you for your tour?

It was very well done.

John in Makawao, HI, 2014

Your office did a fine job of orienting me and preparing me for the tour.


Cappadocia was a unique experience for me, and I suspect for everyone. I suggest you encourage future travelers to do extensive reaearch, in order to anticipate and appreciate what is planned for them. I was in awe so much of the time, that I failed to appreciate the moment sometime.

Top notch, five star pre trip preparation....

Fattima in SINGAPORE, 2014

Orientation materials for very good. A larger, more detailed map of Turkey (instead of Europe) would be nice for future participants.

Sally in Dayton, OH, 2014

I think you ought to inform people that the time in Istanbul goes by very quickly and encourage planning to come tos tay a few days more.

Debra in Santa Barbara, CA

your office has effeciently prepared the tour.

Would have liked a better map of Turkey included in the pre mailed package.

Douglas in Sidney, BC, 2014

No. We were well informed as to what to expect.

Thomas in Charlotte, NC, 2014

We cannot think of any suggestions.

Donald in North Vancouver, BC, 2014

I didn't need second pair of shoes

J. in Asheville, NC, 2014

We had plenty of information.

Jacob in Castro Valley, CA, 2014

No, all the information we received was easy to understand and told us exactly all the information we needed to know.

Emily in Wolffdene, Queensland, 2014

no, all good

Joseph in Jacksonville, FL, 2014

No, I don't think so, but thanks for asking.

Christopher in Redmond, WA, 2014

Thanks you did very well for us!

Mary in Huntington Mills, PA, 2014

No ~ we were well prepared.

Olivia in Edmonds, WA, 2014

No -- my experience with the office staff with 100% perfect!

Donna in Federal Way, WA, 2014

* Do you have any more comments about your tour?

I was pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed the tour I have taken. I will tell me friends at work about your tours. Perhaps you will see more Canadians on your tours!!! If anyone complains about this tour they did not bother to read over your travel philosophy, take note of the no grumps policy or the detailed information about this tour.


Thank you. Apart from what I saw with my own eyes, which was remarkable, I learned a lot and from our guide, who is very passionate and full of information about her country, Turkey.

Devin in Redmond, WA, 2014

Thank you for a most extraordinary experience! I indeed found in this tour all the wonderful aspects . And now Turkey is on my list to travel in more and discover even more of this amazing country!

Alexis in Huntington Mills, PA, 2014

This tour far exceeded our expectations. We hope that additional tours of Turkey are added, as there is so much to see in this amazing country!! WOW

Sarah in Richmond, VA, 2014

I don't think it could have been better. It seems now like a wonderful dream.

Alicia in Owego, NY, 2014

This tour exceeded my expectations in every way -- I will highly recommend your tours to all of my friends!

Nathan in Federal Way, WA, 2014

It was a wonderful trip filled with many varied experiences and sights from hiking and visiting with locals to visiting museums and mosques.

Linda in Kalamazoo, MI, 2014

I was so impressed with Selcuk. His intelligence, knowledge,sense of humor, passion for his country, communication and leadership skills enriched the experience beyond my expecatations. It was the trip of my dreams. Thank you.

Sharon in Napa, CA, 2014

I would highly recommend this tour for people who follow the All Right Travel & Luxury Toursphilosophy.. The guide will not carry an umbrella and you will not spend the day walking single file through the sights. You will meet and interact with real Turkish people. It is safe, clean and lots of fun. We never felt abandoned or lost, but we were not micromanaged or baby-sat either.

Jonathan in Chilliwack, BC, 2014

This tour probably ranks as my 1st or 2nd favorite vacation ever. I look over my pictures and just marvel at how much we did in such a short time. Several of us thought the Spice Market was far better than the Grand Bazaar. The spice market had most of the same types of goods, but more variety as well.

Brian in Cincinnati, OH, 2014

Would whole heartedly recommend it to others.

Eric in Denver, CO, 2014

* What is the most spectecular moment for you?

I think my SPECTECULAR time was simply getting to know the people of Turkey and their culture. This was my first time out of the US and I found the Turkish culture to be extremely warm and friendly, but very different from what I live with daily.

Joshua in Colville, WA, 2014

The memory that is most summative for me is "beauty" - the varied natural beauty, the intricate decorations in tile, mosaic, paint and flowers, the layers and layers of time adding burnish to the buildings, cities, villages, the warmth of the people we met and the amazing mosques so full of space. These people know how to do architecture with restraint and power. And we did laugh every day.


I thought the entire trip was great and what a history.

George in Maple Valley, WA, 2014

It was fantastic and I'm glad to have done it in the spring before the heat

Justin in Hartford, CT, 2014

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