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Tour Itinerary


Awaken your senses at the alluring city of Istanbul! Your guide will meet you at the airport to help you move into your hotel. We understand that you may need to recharge from your flight, so feel free to relax in your room or spend the rest of the day at your leisure.


On the second day, we continue our tour of Istanbul. We visit the momentous Sultanahmet Square, also known as the Hippodrome of Constantinople. Once the social hub during the Byzantine era, it showcases monuments amassed by Emperor Theodosius the Great from all over the empire, such as the Egyptian Obelisk and the Greek Serpentine Column. It also features the Blue Mosque adorned with Iznik tiles with six minarets. Then we will visit the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia in the same area.

Also within the Square is the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, where you can feast your eyes on an extraordinary collection of cultural artifacts and crafts. At the end of the day, we retreat to the Hotel Marmara Pera, where we'll be staying.


No tour of the city is complete without sailing the sapphire-blue waters of the Bosphorus River. You have a choice between a native boat or a yacht. Along the river, you'll find numerous waterside houses known as "yali". We proceed to the Sariyer seafood restaurants for lunch, where you can enjoy a meal by the river.

We reconvene after lunch, and then head for the Asian side of Istanbul. We then ascend Camlica Hill, the highest point in the city. From there, we go to Beylerbeyi Palace to see the life of the sultans and their guests who are welcomed to stay in their summer residences in Ottoman era.

Next, we cross over the Bosphorus Bridge to Erropean continent which offers a lovely view of the city, so be ready to capture the moment with your camera. After it all, wind down for an overnight stay in Istanbul.


Istanbul is like a jewel - it has many different facets. On the fourth day of your tour, you're guaranteed to experience the diversity of this fabulous city. First off, you'll see the ancient city walls on our way to the Saint Saviour Church in Chora. The Chora Church is considered one of the most beautiful Byzantine structures still in existence; it boasts of intricate golden mosaics featuring scenes from the Bible.

We continue to the historical Eyup Mosque, the first mosque built by the Ottoman Turks after taking over Constantinople. You might catch a glimpse of pilgrims making ritual visits to the tomb of Abu Ayyub, a beloved companion of the Prophet Muhammed. At noon, we stop by the Pierre Loti Café, a hilltop location with a splendid view of the Golden Horn. We then make a visit to the Patriarchate of Orthodox Christianity after lunch. It's a well-restored ancient cathedral, still in use and valued as the centre of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

The last stop for the day is Taksim, the city's colourful leisure district. As you spend the night in Istanbul, be sure to take a good rest so you'll be refreshed for your tour of Cappadocia the next day.


On the fifth day, we'll be flying to Kayseri to make our way to Cappadocia. Right after breakfast, pack your bags, check out, and proceed to the Istanbul Airport. Upon arrival, reunite with your guide so you can begin discovering the wonders of the region. The first stop in Cappadocia will be Uchisar, the highest elevation in the area. Be sure to have your camera ready so you can snap photos of the amazing view - it's full of valleys, interesting geological formations, vineyards and rock-dwellings. After visiting Uchisar Castle, we'll walk through the village to get a better view of the volcanic houses.

We'll have lunch at a nice eatery, then head for the Goreme Open Air Museum. This World Heritage Site is a complex of cave churches from Byzantine times, carved right into the rock and adorned with impressive frescoes. We could stop by a carpet-weaving palace along the way, and listen to a local lecturer about the history of traditional Turkish carpets. If the weather conditions are pleasant, we'll cap the day with a spectacular view of the sunset from the panoramic lookout point.


If you wish, you can ride a hot air balloon early in the morning. This optional ride is a truly unique experience - it lets you appreciate the magnificent landscape from up above, floating in complete tranquility while sipping champagne. The one-hour balloon trip also comes with a transfer and a flight certificate.

First on the day's regular itinerary is the underground city of Kayamakli, or Derinkuyu, located in the southern part of the region. An hour's drive away is Ihlara Valley, where you will find different flowers and birds, as well as a branch of the longest river in all of Turkey. If you wish to do so, we can take a two-hour hike through the valley to see some of the many frescoed churches. For lunch, we'll pause near the Melendiz River and relish a meal of freshly-caught trout.

On our way back to the hotel, we'll park by the end of the valley so you could take photos of the famous Fairy Chimneys. Though they look like the backdrop to a science-fantasy movie, these are natural rock formations sculpted by wind and water. Afterward, we retire in our Cappadocia hotel.


We check out of the hotel after breakfast, then head for the Kayseri Airport to catch the plane to Izmir. As soon as you arrive, meet up with your guide so you can travel to Kusadasi. We'll visit the ancient Greek city of Ephesus and learn about its many historical monuments: the Agora, the Library of Celcus, the Trojan Fountain, the Temple of Domitian, Hadrian's Gate and the Theater. We'll also drop by the House of the Virgin Mary, where she was believed to spend the final years of her life.

In the afternoon, we'll take a stroll through Sirince - a charming village nestled in picturesque green hills. You can even sample the wine and olive oil that the village is known for. Finally, we'll go to see the Church of St. John, which was built over the site where John the apostle was buried. It's situated on a hill with a good view of the Isa Bey Mosque, the Artemis Temple, and a glimpse of the Aegean Sea further on. At the day's end, we head back to our hotel in Kusadasi.


Be ready to check out after breakfast and proceed to Izmir Airport, so you can board your flight back to Istanbul. Find your guide as soon as you arrive so you can proceed with the final leg of the tour. We'll visit the Mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent, Istanbul's largest mosque and a well-known tourist attraction. This architectural wonder also contains the burial chamber of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I and of his wife Roxelana.

We then take a trip to the Grand Bazaar after lunch, so you can buy souvenirs and gifts before you head home. You'll find numerous shops selling silver, jewellery, leather goods, beautifully woven kilim rugs, and other items. Afterward, you'll be taken back to the hotel and you can spend your evening as you wish.


Your guide will meet with you one last time in the morning to take you to the airport. This then concludes the tour and our services. We hope you had an excellent time in Turkey!

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