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Testimonials of Jewish Heritage Tour

Here you can find the evaluation of our customers answering our specific questions. You can click on the questions shown as below to see the satisfaction and the view of our distinguished guests.

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

Ayse was incredible. We had some people on our tour with health issues and she was very compassion and understanding with these people.

Samuel in Toronto, ON, 2014

Hasan is a very seasoned guide and able to anticipate challenges before they occur. His preparation was outstanding and since very few local guides were used, he had the entire burden of preparing us for the sites as well as on site leading.

Yehuda in Federal Way, WA, 2014

was excellent in helping the members of our tour to mingel also was able to keep every one on track

Jakob in San Angelo, TX, 2014

Well, at first he was a little condencending insofar as his schoolmarm rule setting, but as a teacher, I understand that getting the groundrules layed out in the beginning helps aleviate problems that come up later. he was excellent.

Oliver in Rotterdam, 2014

He seemed knowledgable about both history and current events, he explained himself well, and was always clear about what to expect in each place we came to.

Bernard in San Angelo, TX, 2014

Excellent. Decisive and knowledgeable, Hasan was always open to suggestions and available for questions.

Marcio in San Angelo, TX, 2014

Hasan was incredible. We were so impressed with him. He has a tremendous and varied knowledge of Turkey. He did his best to get coffee for the group at each place we stayed (I didn't know that the Turks only drink tea and Turkish coffee).

Cesar in Sugar Grove, IL, 2014

It seemed at times that the time on the guide's watch was slightly different than that displayed on the bus clock, so it would have been preferable that we all coordinate to the time on the bus clock.

Mark in Phoenix, AZ, 2014

Hasan did a great job, was amazed at how much he knew about his country.

Robert in San Angelo, TX, 2014

Great--didn't always remember to do buddy checks until we reminded him

Helen in Lincoln, CA, 2014

He was excellent

Jean in Carlsbad, CA, 2014

Selcuk is a Turkish national treasure. He did a great job of exposing us to the "real" Turkey, its people and its culture.

Rick in Sacramento, CA, 2014

The guide on any tour that I take in the future will pale in comparison to Selcuk. It was obvious that he loves his country and enjoyed showing it to us and introducing us to people he knows in the villages. His knowledge of history, art, religion and architecture is incredible. His excitement in sharing this with us was contagious. I do not know whether other tour groups have come together like ours did; but if Selcuk had suggested continuing on the road for another week, we all would have followed him without hesitation. I truly look forward to visiting Turkey again, maybe on an eastern Turkey tour with Selcuk...!

Tom in Long Beach, CA, 2014

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

Can was amazing. Imagine driving a huge bus as if it were a VW Bug (most of us were old enough to remember that car)

Mark in Sebastopol, CA, 2014

Cann is an excellent driver. Plus, although his English was limited, he was very likeable and pleasant to be with. His flexability in response to serendipitous opportunities, like finding a place to pull off the road to visit with some nomads, made a delightful addition to the tour experience.

James in Denver, CO, 2014

The driver, Can,did not say much but was a great driver. We all came back in one piece despite a few "twisted" paths.

Frank in Sacramento, CA, 2014

Can is AMAZING. While not as extroverted as Firat, he was an intregal part of the group. I loved turning around in the hotel or even out and about and seeing a familiar face, and he always recognized me. As for his driving skills, he is awesome.

David in Oakland, CA, 2014

The driver was excellent and we felt completely safe at all times. He kept the bus spotless even after some of our group tracked in droppings from some of the local donkeys [washed all the carpeting].

Jay in Oceanport, NJ, 2014

Can was great! An astonishing driver, a real character and while he didn't speak English he did communicate and had a wonderful sense of mischief.

Linda in Calgary, AB, 2014

Can was dependable, always there, unloaded & loaded bags and seemed alway pleasant. No negatives.

James Seagull, 2014

Remarkable! How anybody can drive like that is beyond me.

Bob in San Bernardino, CA, 2014

Very good. And showed me the double-yolked eggs at breakfast in Konya!

Mary in Seattle, WA, 2014

He was a great driver who kept us on schedule and interacted exceedingly well with Firat.

Benjamin in Ormond Beach, FL, 2014

Our driver was very good. He did all you would want a good bus driver to do and was very cheerful.

Thomas in Ormond Beach, FL, 2014

The driver's driving was astonishingly skillful from the perspective of this California freeway driver!

Jay in San Bernardino, CA, 2014

Firat does not, of course, speak english, but we were able to enjoy his company nevertheless. He is a terrific driver and I trusted him completely.

Jonathan in San Jose, CA, 2014


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