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Testimonials of Bodrum Shore Tour (Half Day)

Here you can find the evaluation of our customers answering our specific questions. You can click on the questions shown as below to see the satisfaction and the view of our distinguished guests.

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

I never expected a guide to be so good. Unbelievable.

Bill in Oregon City, OR, 2014

Selcuk was an outstanding lead guide. Very knowledgeable, personable and very humorous. We all fell in love with him.

Steve Ericton,2014

Selcuk was charming, energetic, funny, well informed. A perfect guide.

David Beryant,2014

I absolutely loved Selcuk. It is apparent that he loves his country and he is passionate, funny, smart. Can I give him a grade beyond outstanding?

Barbara in Beaverton, OR, 2014

Selcuk's enthusiam is contageous. And his knowledge of history is excellent. He made the trip a success for me!

Tom Freinard,2014

Selcuk was wonderful and so interesting. He has packed a lot of education and people skills in his life and uses them well. Never knew exactly what to expect except that it would be good and we could trust him. He treated everyone young and old, male and female, with professional kindness - even when they didn't follow instructions or remember the orientation.

Anne in San Jose, Ca, 2014

Outstanding in many ways. He was energetic and held the group together very well.

Jessie in Gaithersburg, MD, 2014

She is a gem, we were so lucky to have her.

Margareth in Kent, WA, 2014

Our lead guide ran a good tour in every way. I was particularly thankful for opportunities to ask questions and for discussion about the political and religious perspectives of the Turkish people.

Nathan in Tinton Falls, NJ, 2014

Derya kept the tour running like clockwork without herding us around like sheep.

Jerome in Selah, WA, 2014

Excellent - could not imagine a better one. Feel very fortunate to have Lale.

Patrick in Vancouver, WA, 2014

Derya is excellent. I'd travel again with her in a heartbeat!

Debra in Centennial, CO, 2014

Derya was a great guide. Her grasp of history, art, architecture, religeon, etc were very impressive. She acknowledged and took time for everyone.

David in Olympia, WA, 2014

Derya is very good. She knows her information and shares it well. Several times though I wondered if she was being totally candid when asked questions about cultural or political topics, especially since I had done some reading on Turkey before travelling. An example would be the discussion about Turkey and issues surrounding its admission to the EU.

Brian in Edmonds, WA, 2014

Derya is highly competent in her role as a guide. She was very informative and a great resource.

Araceli in Edmonds, WA, 2014

I'm completely satisfied.

Joe in Vancouver, WA, 2014

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

Mesut is an excellent driver, he seems to have icewater in his veins but was always friendly and smiling. He was always on time, always managed to park the bus where it could be found easily, and kept the bus very clean inside and out.

Julien in Denham Springs, LA, 2014

Muset was an excellent driver who never put us in any unsafe situations.

Greta in Millbrae, CA, 2014

CaN was not only a great driver that I always felt safe with, but also participated in some of the activities and was fun.

Harry Laurstein, 2014

Can was amazing. I wish my Turkish was better or his English was better but I would have loved to get to know him better.

Mary in Bellingham, WA, 2014

CAN was a real "artist" at handling the bus and getting us to our destination.

Jerry in Bellingham, WA, 2014

We loved Cann too.

Joseph in Albany, NY, 2014

Mesut always wore a smile. Great driver! I felt safe as a rider in his bus.

Julie Farmann, 2014

Good driver!! Bus is always clean!!!!

Betsy Farmann, 2014

Mesut was friendly and very nice. He seemed a competent driver and could really maneuver that bus.

Henry in Everett, WA, 2014

The driver was excellent. He was cheerful and kind and a EXCELLENT driver!

Joe Escardo, 2014

Great driver

Angel in Golden Valley, MN2014

Excellent driver, but non-English speaking, so couldn't talk with him.

Jack Crewer, 2014

Excellant skills and a sith sense when backing the bus. I felt very safe.

Alicia in Sacramento, CA, 2014

Great driver!

Henry in Edmonds, WA, 2014

professional and wonderful

Susan in Waimanlo, HI, 2014

The driver was very good at driving, parking, and baggage loading/unloading.

David in Calgary, AB, 2014

I think our driver was great but I will admit I only needed to sit behind him once. He did amazing things with that bus.

Suzie in Shelby Township, MI, 2014

Skilled, reliable. Pleasant to have around.

Elizabeth in Seattle, WA, 2014


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