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Testimonials of Bosphorus Cruise Tour

Here you can find the evaluation of our customers answering our specific questions. You can click on the questions shown as below to see the satisfaction and the view of our distinguished guests.

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

* Tell us about your guide's leadership skills

We learned to love Turkey through the eyes of our guide Selcuk. He was very knowledgeable, thorough and patient. His enthusiam for his country was absolutely contagious! I would follow him anywhere!

Morgan in Novato, CA, 2014

He's a natural leader. I would love more history, but he did a good job at hitting the highlights and being concise.

Roger in Long Beach, WA, 2014

If Selcuk were any better, I couldn't stand it. He is thoughtful, engaging, enlightening, funny, endearing, full of surprises, responsive to everyone all the time. He's a real gem.

Carolyn in Oakland, CA, 2014

What to say about Selcuk--just thinking about him brings a smile to my face--he is a remarkable and unique person--so smart and knowledgeagle, he is also fun and adventuresome--the best guide to Turkey I can imagine--he always tried to make the tour the very best it could be for everyone

Bilu in Alexandria, VA, 2014

He kept us on track, while allowing flexibility, free time and options. He was very personable and interesting to talk with. Discussions about historical issues and current events in Turkey added greatly to tour.

Lucia in Bellingham, WA, 2014

Absolutely fantastic--couldn't be improved on. His knowledge and enthusiasm and patience and responsiveness to our needs and wants--all superb.

Rod in Washington, DC, 2014

Very good guide

Margareth in Westmont, IL, 2014

Selcuk set a benchmark for tour guides that it will be hard for others to meet. He is very intelligent and knowledgeable about art, archeology and history. He was a very fun person to be with.

Jonathan in Silver Spring, MD, 2014

You should do whatever you have to do to make sure you keep Selcuk as a guide for your Turkey tours. He was an absolute delight and always had more information available than we could possibly digest, despite all the questions we asked. He also was exceedingly thoughtful in telling us things even before we realized we wanted to know -- where the next bathroom would be, etc.

Dan in Gainesville, FL, 2014

I have given him full marks - he was perfect: gracious, thoughtful, resourceful, informative, charming and a proud Turk! We all loved him!

Ethel in San Francisco, CA, 2014

Selcuk is a great guide. He is passionate about Turkey and this is infectious.

Declan Clarman,2014

Outstanding knowledge of the country's history,customs and traditions,and his fluency with the English language.

Quentin Fiorena,2014


Joe in Nashville, TN, 2014

* Tell us about the performance of your driver

The driver, Memet,did not say much but was a great driver. We all came back in one piece despite a few "twisted" paths.

Andre in Sacramento, CA, 2014

The driver was excellent and we felt completely safe at all times. He kept the bus spotless even after some of our group tracked in droppings from some of the local donkeys [washed all the carpeting].

Angelina in Oceanport, NJ, 2014

Mehmet was great! An astonishing driver, a real character and while he didn't speak English he did communicate and had a wonderful sense of mischief.

Mary in Calgary, AB, 2014

Memed was dependable, always there, unloaded & loaded bags and seemed alway pleasant. No negatives.

David Sonnestec, 2014

Remarkable! How anybody can drive like that is beyond me.

Ashton in San Bernardino, CA, 2014

Our driver was very good. He did all you would want a good bus driver to do and was very cheerful.

Linda in Ormond Beach, FL, 2014

The driver's driving was astonishingly skillful from the perspective of this California freeway driver!

Douglas in San Bernardino, CA, 2014

Memed does not, of course, speak english, but we were able to enjoy his company nevertheless. He is a terrific driver and I trusted him completely.

Mike in San Jose, CA, 2014


Suzie in Evansville, IN, 2014

More than capable and I trusted his ability to the fullest. It was nice to hear some of his personal reflects on being a driver etc.

William Morcel, 2014

I just thought that he was okay. Not particularly friendly.

Michael in Evansville, IN, 2014

Superb, professional.

Vincent in Mount Vernon, WA, 2014

A joy. Can was a lot of fun and seemed happy to be a part of the group.

Andrew in Mount Vernon, WA, 2014

Excellent driver--excellent driving!

Ahmad in Houston, TX, 2014



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