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We were very impressed with how everything was coordinated. We were especially pleased with how quickly we were able to check into all the hotels. In other tours, we have wasted a lot of time filling out the hotel forms, getting the keys, letting them see our passports, etc. This was not the case with All Right Travel & Luxury Tours .

Helene in Austin, TX, 2016

I have to say that the whole trip was wonderful. Everything was right for me. The destination, the free time, the organization, the choice of hotels, the food, the planes and especially the guide. Highlights are Istanbul and Ephesus.

Kenneth in Vallejo, CA, 2016

All Right Travel & Luxury Tours 's guide was an excellent guide - so knowledgeable and able to trouble shoot when needed. We enjoyed his "Turkish humor" and his amazing knowledge of history and archeology.

Lily in West Vancouver, BC, 2017

All Right Travel & Luxury Tours 's guide was both personable and extremely knowledgeable guide. We never tired of his talks and he seemed to strike a good balance of informing without preaching or boring. He also showed a great deal of pride in showing us his home country and pointing out very interesting facts that we might have missed en route. We could not imagine a tour leader better at leading this tour than him!

Tommis in Kingwood, TX, 2017

The people were friendly and the country beautiful. Istanbul and Cappadocia were unbelievable places to visit. Your organization was professional and if there were any issues Fatih attended to this immediately. The hotels in Cappadocia, Kusudasi and Istanbul were beyond what we expected

Tom in Long Beach, CA, 2017

There were many spectecular moments on this trip: seeing ancient ruins, meeting warm people, experiencing a Turkish bath, cruising the Bosphorus and Mediterranean. It's hard to narrow it down to just one moment.

Daniel in Seattle, WA, 2017

Our guide was an absolute delight and always had more information available than we could possibly digest, despite all the questions we asked. He kept the tour running like clockwork, and he also encouraged us to give him feedback partway through the tour so he would know how to improve as we went along. I always felt comfortable asking questions of all types.

Gladys in Gainesville, FL, 2017

I had excellent service from All Right Travel & Luxury Tours . Everything they sent or e-mailed was on time and full of all the info that I needed.

Ann in Seattle, WA, 2017

The guide on any tour that I take in the future will pale in comparison to our guide,Selcuk in this tour. It was obvious that he loves his country and enjoyed showing it to us and introducing us to people he knows in the villages. His knowledge of history, art, religion and architecture is incredible. His excitement in sharing this with us was contagious. I do not know whether other tour groups have come together like ours did; but if Selcuk had suggested continuing on the road for another week, we all would have followed him without hesitation. I truly look forward to visiting Turkey again, maybe on an western Turkey tour with Selcuk...!

Lynda in Sacramento, CA, 2017

Your office was great with its pre-trip communication and responsiveness to my queries. I was quite impressed with your service and have been recommending All Right Travel & Luxury Tours to my friends and families.

Barbara Suart in San Marino,CA, 2017

Our guide was excellent and help from beginning to end - knowledgable, accessible, charming, very much in charge of the group but also very much wanting us to leave with some understanding of and appreciation for the wonders of her country.

Mark in Oakland, CA, 2017

The whole trip was pretty much a spectecular for me. I guess Cappadocia was my favorite region because of the small villages, the people, the hot air balloon ride, visiting Goreme open air museum . Personally, Ephesus was the grand finale for me.

Susie in Richmond, VA, 2017

Our guide is a treasure!--everything I hoped for. She repeatedly demonstrated tremendous intellectual depth on any subject and was well prepared, had a great voice, pleasant way sbout her, and had good command of the group. She always was alert and gave 110%. Her enthusiasm and her great love for her country were contagious. A 10 plus.

Lee in San Diego, CA, 2017

He was the very best tour guide we have had with All Right Travel & Luxury Tours. I don't say this easily because every guide we have experienced has been extraordinary! He was our walking encyclopedia of ancient history and then all the aspects of Turkey we could ask. He seemed to enjoy us and the trip as much as we enjoyed him!

John in Puyallup, WA, 2017

The guide was just outstanding in every respect. I was extremely impressed with not only his knowledge of the history and culture of his own country, but his understanding of other cultures and his grasp of the political context of history and culture. In addition, he had exceptional English language skills, including American idioms, and delivered his information with warmth, humor and sensitivity. Finally, he was so thoroughly personable that he became essentially a friend to all of us in the tour group.

Caroline in Washington, DC, 2017

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